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Two brides walking down the aisle after getting married

6 Hacks for Micro Wedding flowers

Two brides walking down the aisle after getting married
Photo: Terracotta Studio

In the midst of a pandemic, many couples are hosting micro weddings to accommodate guest count limits while still getting the wedding of their dreams. Micro weddings are just like traditional wedding with vendors and guests, but the scale is much smaller… instead off 200 guests many have just 20-40. We’re sharing some of our top tips for planning micro wedding flowers. Despite the smaller guest count, beautiful décor is still on the to do list.



1. Anchor the ceremony space

Micro weddings are all about creativity! Whether you choose a boho rug, a wooden arch, or a few floral stands, the ceremony space needs décor to anchor the focus on you during the ceremony. 


We recommend large, semi-symmetrical décor to frame you and your partner in all photos taken mid-vows. Think tall décor rather than wide. This will give you the most bang for your buck if you are on a budget and will also look more proportional to the space.

2. Select durable florals

Many micro weddings occur outside. If you are using fresh flowers pick durable blooms like roses or lilies which will last longer and are much easier to care for than other more delicate flowers.  Another great option is wood, dried, or faux flowers especially if your wedding is in a particularly warm or cold climate.

3. Throw rose petals

Biodegradable, inexpensive, and classic, rose petals are our personal favorite when it comes to micro wedding flowers. Rose petals can be scattered across tables for a romantic look or thrown like celebratory confetti as the couple departs. This inexpensive hack makes for the most beautiful pictures – and cleanup is far easier than traditional confetti!

4. Repurpose ceremony decor 

Unlike traditional weddings with herds of people and crazy timelines, micro weddings are slower paced and less stressful. This gives you the time to move décor from one area to another once the ceremony is done so your flowers can do double duty.

  • Repurpose your ceremony anchors in a photo area at your reception or place them behind the bride and groom during mealtime for beautiful photos.
  • Place bridesmaids’ bouquets (if you have them) in vases after the ceremony to act as centerpieces.
  • If you can, disassemble the bridal bouquet placing one bloom tucked into each napkin or a small cluster in a vase on each table. If you want to keep the bouquet intact, place it in a dramatic vase in the center of your largest table.

5. Create non-traditional centerpieces

At a non-traditional event like a micro wedding, anything goes! Forget traditional centerpieces and incorporate whatever looks beautiful to you. Utilize unique elements like citrus fruit, pinecones, vintage bottles, candles… or combine these elements with florals for an even more stunning look.


6. Order corsages and boutonnieres

Bridal party or not, ordering corsages and boutonnieres for special friends or family is a great way to honor those you love. They’re a small expense and well worth it.


Pinning a corsage on a parent before they walk you down the aisle or giving your best friend a corsage are easy ways to show how much you care and are sure to bring tearful moments of appreciation.


Floral list for a micro wedding:

  1. Alter or floral arch décor 
  2. Bridal bouquet(s)
  3. Boutonnieres – Don’t forget the parents!
  4. Corsages 
  5. Bridesmaids bouquets if you are having a wedding party
  6. Small centerpiece bouquets – one per table

Micro weddings are a great way to downsize a traditional even while still getting the wedding you’ve always wanted. Our micro wedding couples spend an average of $300 on all their faux florals from Silk Stem Collective.


Still have unanswered questions about planning flowers for a micro wedding? Contact us today. We’re happy to help!

November 13th, 2020      by Silk Stem Collective

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