In 2018, my sister got engaged and began planning her wedding. Like any excited sister, I was with her at every step.


But when it came to florals we were quickly overwhelmed.


After spending hours online browsing floral inspiration we learned a few things. Magnolias are expensive. Peonies wilt immediately in hot sun. And she definitely did not want to spend the honeymoon fund just to get the dreamy Orchids on her inspiration board.


But as we looked at other options, like DIY’ing fresh flowers or purchasing silk flowers, there was no good balance between cost, convenience, and beauty.


Ordering bulk fresh flowers was cost effective, but assembling them the day before the wedding would be time consuming and worry-some… not to mention the hassle of cool storage and transportation. And silk flowers were usually ugly plastic or insanely expensive – sometimes more expensive than fresh!

A wedding tablesetting with a velt runner, a white peony bouquet, and gold flatware.

"...there was no good balance between cost, ease, and beauty."

We finally decided to invest in a set of quality silk flowers with the hopes of passing the set off to the next couple after the wedding… and we were overwhelmed by like-minded, conscious consumers like us interested in borrowing flowers for their big day. So just like that Silk Stem Collective was born!


Since then, we’ve grown to offer 8 different collections (and more on the way!) of the highest quality silk flowers so that more brides and grooms can get beautiful flowers at a reasonable cost.

My sister and I designed bouquets that we would want at prices we would pay, with the goal of making them versatile enough to fit every wedding vision but special enough to make you feel like a one-of-a-kind bride or groom.


We also created a blog called “The Greenhouse” which is filled with our thoughts on flowers, trends, and tidbits we’ve learned throughout the wedding planning process.


And of course, we always love to hear from you. Reach out to us with your comments, ideas, or anything on social media or by email!


We look forward to making your floral dreams a reality.

Rosebud cluster boutonniere from the Vienna Collection
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