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DIY wedding flowers


Many couples on a tight budget want to assemble their own fresh flowers for their wedding day… DIY wedding flowers is a huge cost savings!

Mail-order flowers from online wholesalers typically offer wedding packages for $300-$800+ depending on the size of bouquets and type of bloom. Similarly, most local farmers markets have seasonal blooms for around $300-$700 depending on quantity.

But before deciding to DIY your own fresh floral wedding bouquets, consider some of the hidden costs and challenges of going with fresh. Understanding your options will help you best prepare for your event.

1. Supplies

Ordering flowers wholesale is far less expensive than using a florist but what additional costs come with DIY wedding flowers?

Additional  costs of DIY fresh flowers:

  1. 10-20  large 5-gallon buckets (25-40 stems per bucket)
  2.  12 vases or urns for arrangements
  3. flower shears – regular scissors shouldn’t be used on flowers!
  4. 5-10 packs of flower food
  5. floral tape and floral wire
  6. straight pins for the boutonnieres
  7. wristlets for the corsages
  8. ribbon to wrap the bouquets
  9. boutonniere/corsage boxes
  10. cardboard boxes for bouquet transportation

Some items like boutonniere pins and flower food are relatively cheap – only a few bucks of additional cost. But if you prefer higher end ribbon or vases expect much higher expenses. With DIYing, the costs can easily balloon if you plan on fancier options.

Total Cost of DIY Fresh Flowers:

15 buckets x $3.00 = $45

12 vases x $7.00 = $86

shears, tape, wire, pins, etc. = $25

wristlets = $15

ribbon = $15

boutonniere/corsage boxes = $15

transportation boxes = $20


Total: $220 + $500 in flowers = $720


The bottom line: DIY wedding flowers typically costs between $500 and $1,000 which is far less expensive than going with a traditional florist but beware of ballooning costs if you plan on specialty upgrades.

2. Timing

Assembling fresh floral arrangements must be done the day before the event to ensure the blooms are at the peak of their beauty. Block out a large part of the day before your event to focus on florals. Simple bouquets and centerpieces typically take 30-60 minutes each to create.


Some couples find this challenging as they have many other items on their To Do list the day before their event or family in town they would like to see. But if you have a large wedding party, invite them over to make the arranging go much quicker.

3. Stress

Fresh flowers must be in a cool environment leading up to the event. Treat your florals as you would a living plant by providing adequate water and plant food.


Handle and transport as carefully as possible. Shocking your delicate blooms with sudden temperature changes or jostling during transport could cause them to wilt sooner.

For many, DIYing fresh flowers is the right option for their event. If you’re a creative who has the time and expertise to pull it off, self-assembling wholesale flowers can be a great budget option!



Exploring alternatives

If you are looking for an affordable and low stress option, we recommend foregoing DIY fresh in favor of renting wedding flowers!


Silk Stem Collective offers fully assembled bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and decor pre-assembled from the highest quality faux flowers.

Get the beauty of real flowers without the time and hassle of fresh blooms…and at the fraction of the cost! 

October 30th, 2020      by Silk Stem Collective

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