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To provide beautiful, affordable fresh flower alternatives to facilitate an eco-conscious shift in the wedding industry.


We believe that we can all do more to reduce the waste generated by weddings. Our purpose as a business is to make sustainable choices easier by providing beautiful, affordable options. We strive to make these choices accessible to everyone through affordability and inclusivity.


Most couples know fresh flowers are expensive but are unaware of the environmental costs:

  • The majority of fresh flowers are grown in Central and South America, and then flown internationally via energy intensive air freight.
  • Growers typically use fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and large amounts of water.
  • Flowers often need refrigerated transport which further contributes to the high carbon footprint
  • Most flowers are thrown away after the event and end up in landfills where they decay and emit methane, a gas more potent than CO2.
  • Fresh flowers often have plastic packaging including cellophane, plastic watering tubes, and floral foam.

Because we can ship with ground freight and our flowers are reusable, renting faux flowers produces less CO2 emissions and waste than fresh flowers.


Our packaging is both reusable and recyclable. With your help, we can ensure it doesn’t end up in landfills or oceans.

  • We avoid over-packaging and use recycled materials whenever possible
  • Our boxes are reused up to 6 times before recycling
  • Our internal packaging is durable and reused indefinitely
  • Our centerpieces are designed to fit into vases without the use of any floral foam or plastic


Manufacturing of any kind produces waste and carbon emissions; our manufacturers are no exception. 


However, our focus on product quality is paramount in our strategic sourcing process. We source faux florals of the most durable materials to ensure a long product life. The longer we can reuse the flowers, the smaller the environmental impact.


From sourcing to obsolescence, we are responsible for the impact of our product. When an item is no longer fit for circulation due to damage, we first try to replace and repair individual flowers to extend the life of the item. If an item is beyond repair, we retire it to our Keepsake Program. 


The Keepsake Program rehomes our older items to sentimental past couples that are interested in keeping something from their wedding. Retired flowers are perfect for framing in a shadow box or displaying next to wedding photos. This also ensures our retired items end up in a happy home rather than a landfill.

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We are proud members of the Green Wedding Guild and we strive to be leaders in the Green Wedding Movement. Every decision truly makes a difference and we believe in continuous improvement. We hope to continue to inspire couples to make more sustainable choices.


Environmental change is a journey, not a destination and we are always striving to be better. If you have feedback on how we can improve, please let us know!

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