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15 Popular White Wedding Flowers

Best Flowers for your white bridal bouquet

Many couples are ditching the traditional in favor of bold, modern, and eclectic. Mismatched wedding party attire, red bridal gowns, and informal gatherings have become the new norm for couples wanting to showcase their personalities. But white wedding flowers pair well with everything and will never go out of style.


A classic white bridal bouquet of fluffy hydrangeas, ivory roses, or delicate stephanotis matches every venue and color scheme, from a formal church to a backyard barbecue!


Check out our list of the most popular white flowers, along with some pros and cons of each.

15 Popular White Flowers for your Wedding Bouquet
A fluffy white hydrangea with a background of green foliage


Hydrangeas have long been a popular choice for white bridal bouquets. Today’s breeds of hydrangea produce blooms so large that only 3-4 stems are required to create a hearty bouquet. But don’t forget – hydrangeas must stay very well-hydrated or they will quickly wilt and turn brown. For this reason, many brides opt to use artificial white hydrangeas for bouquets and fresh blooms for hydrangea centerpieces.



Stephanotis is a cluster of tiny white flowers that add dimension to a bouquet of otherwise similarly-sized blooms. The variation in size creates depth and visual interest. While stephanotis stems are not as expensive as orchids and peonies on a per-stem basis, keep in mind that many more stems of stephanotis will be required to achieve the same full look as one or two larger blooms. 

A crisp white orchid against a black background


Ahhh, the dreamy orchid. Because orchids are one of the most expensive wedding flowers, orchids are often used as a focal flower in white bridal bouquets, or with a simple vase as a single stem centerpiece. Orchid blooms also make eye-catching boutonnieres and corsages. 

Small white rancunculus with bright green foliage


Ranunculus are small rose-like blooms that make a great filler flower for bouquets of larger blooms. They can also be used on their own, but you’ll need quite a few to make a medium-sized bouquet. Pair ranunculus with baby’s breath for a cost-effective white bouquet, or splurge for a few large roses or peonies for a more luscious bouquet.

A white asiatic lily against a black background

Easter Lilies

A great alternative to the expensive calla lily is the Easter lily or asiatic lily. Couples can use these large, strong-stemmed flowers to achieve height in centerpieces where calla lilies would normally be used. To avoid browning of petals that can quickly happen (especially with white lilies), use artificial lilies mixed with real or artificial foliage.

A single lily of the valley bloom

Lily of the Valley

This delicate and unique white wedding flower has a short growing season and is difficult to grow, making it expensive. Sweet peas and waxflower are good alternatives to fresh lily of the valley for budget-conscious brides. Alternatively, artificial lily of the valley can be very realistic and will hold up to heat, unlike fresh. Mix lily of the valley with a few large white blooms for a monochromatic bouquet that will be anything but boring.

Three big pink and white peonies in full bloom


Peonies are one of the most expensive wedding flowers due to their short blooming season and long time to maturity. White peonies are often even more expensive than pink varieties. Many brides who want the fluffy, luxurious bouquet of white peonies opt for artificial peonies, especially during the off-season of October through February. Affordable peonies can sometimes be found at local farmers markets in their peak season of April, May, and June. 

A cluster of white anemones with black centers


Clean and simple, anemones are a great way to add a bit of contrast to an all white bouquet. Anemones are very reasonably priced, and their medium size makes them very versatile for building both formal and casual bouquets. If you are using fresh anemones, make sure to keep them hydrated or they will quickly wilt. Alternatively, use faux anemones if your event is in hot or dry weather.

Two large white hibiscus blooms


Hibiscus flowers are perfect white wedding flowers for tropical destination weddings. However, their petals are very fragile and bruise easily. Typically only one or two blooms are used in a bouquet mixed with other strong-stemmed flowers, so the skinny hibiscus stems can be more fully supported. Fresh hibiscus work better for immovable floral decor like altar arrangements and centerpieces. For hair pieces and bouquets, artificial hibiscus will hold up much better and prevent bruised petals from ruining your photo.

Four spider mums against a black background


A go-to budget friendly option for achieving the all-white look is the chrysanthemum. As one of the lowest cost blooms at just a few dollars per stem, chrysanthemums can still look high end and classic when done in a monochromatic style. Chrysanthemums also hold up well in heat.

A white gerbera daisy with a yellow center


Gerbera daisies are great budget-friendly white wedding flowers. Daisies come in a large variety of colors, both natural and artificial, and their multiple blooming seasons make them cost-effective year round. Daisies work best for casual bouquets of wildflowers, or bright bouquets of many daisy colors.

A large and small white calla lily

Calla Lilies

Just a few white calla lilies can make a bold statement on their own or mixed with other smaller-scale flowers in a bouquet. Unlike peonies, calla lilies are easy to find year round. However, they can still be upwards of $7 per stem, so they are often used sparingly or in only the bridal bouquet.

A soft white gardenia flower


Gardenias are one of the most expensive flowers used in bridal bouquets. Because they have no stems, gardenias are usually purchased as a whole plant or with silk leaves to hold the delicate blooms. The blooms must then be wired or glued into arrangements, making them labor intensive for florists. Silk gardenias can be a good option for brides who are set on gardenias but have a budget limitation. High quality artificial gardenias look very realistic, and they won’t wilt in your bouquet.

A cluster of white roses

Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are less expensive than their cousin garden roses, but they offer the same classic look. Roses are easy to arrange and provide endless options for style and color. All kinds of roses will require good hydration right up until they are cut, and white rose are more likely show show visible browning of the petals after a few hours out of water. For summer weddings, choose artificial white roses to achieve the same look that will last all day.

A single white ball dahlia


Dahlias come in many varieties and colors. Ball dahlias and pompon dahlias are round a tight-petaled, while cactus dahlias and decorative dahlias have longer and more loose looking petals. White dahlias, either fresh or artificial, can add a timeless focal point to a bouquet of small blooms without breaking the bank.

December 8th, 2020      by Silk Stem Collective

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