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The Wedding Flower Venn-Diagram - you don't have to choose between beautiful, easy, and affordable!

Why Silk Flowers?

Rent-and-return silk flowers are best of all worlds.

Rows of silk boutonnieres for rent at Silk Stem Collective

Every couple goes through the challenge of staying on budget when wedding planning and flowers are often an area were a large part of the budget is spent… $2,000 on average!  So as couples wedding plan, many questions come up. Should I splurge on fresh flowers? Try to DIY? What about renting silk flowers?

Some couples are willing to sacrifice cost for the peace of mind of working with a professional florist. Some couples take on the stress of DIY’ing silk or fresh, but they often sacrifice realism or their “dream bouquet” based on what is available to them at wholesale prices.



Enter,  the Wedding Flower Venn Diagram.


Wedding Flower

Venn Diagram

You only get to choose two - beautiful, affordable, or easy?
Beautiful and Easy
Many COUPLES choose the traditional option of a professional florist.

Working with a professional florist offers much peace of mind compared to DIY options. A florist will often assemble, transport, and set up your flowers on your wedding day. They handle care and watering and provide design expertise. 



However, this often comes with a substantial price tag. 

Affordable and Beautiful
DIY fresh flowers can be stressful and difficult.

Some couples opt to purchase fresh flowers wholesale online or in person. While this can indeed be very cost-effective, many people underestimate the skill and time required to create professional-looking arrangements. 


Not only must your bouquets and arrangements be assembled within 24-48 hours of the event, but they must also be stored in a cool area overnight and then carefully transported to the venue on the morning of the event. Many couples are just not willing to sacrifice the days before their event when they have so many other things to do.

Affordable and Easy

Purchasing your own premade faux flower bouquets or assembling silk arrangements ahead of time can be a cheaper option for wedding florals. You aren’t under any time constraint, and you don’t need to worry about cold storage or transporting fresh blooms in water. 



But many couples often find that the cost-effective silk flowers they find in craft stores and online are not nearly as realistic or beautiful as they had pictured. Yes, high quality artificial flowers do exist, but purchasing these high-end options or premade bouquets can often be equally as expensive as fresh. Beware of inexpensive faux flowers!

That's where SILK FLOWERS come in


Renting silk flowers costs a third of the prices of fresh.


All our collections are made with realistic faux flowers and high quality greenery.


No worrying about transportation, assembly, or reselling after your event.

At Silk Stem Collective, we offer you wedding flowers for rent that are affordable, beautiful, and worry-free. With our range of trendy and classic collections, you can find wedding bouquets and reception decor that are always picture perfect.

The Wedding Flower Venn-Diagram - you don't have to choose between beautiful, easy, and affordable!

So browse our collections knowing that you’ll get high quality, beautiful faux bouquets and arrangements at a fraction of the cost of fresh. 

April 14th, 2020      by Silk Stem Collective

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